Hollywood? Bollywood? Meet Guatemalywood

Francis Ford Coppola owns an exclusive jungle resort near the Mayan ruins at Tikal. CBS is filming its latest “Survivor” TV hit show here. And over 1.4 million tourists are expected to visit Guatemala this year.

It’s being called the new Hollywood — complete with 33 real volcanoes, rainforests, tropical weather, beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, whitewater rapids, and much, much more.

An example of a best-kept secret is the town of Antigua. Though it’s over 450 years old, it’s new to the visitors who flock here because of “Survivor” fame.

Via ABC News.

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  1. Just found your blog– really love it. Recently blogged about Coppola’s other property in nearby Belize: Blancaneux. I had no idea that Survivor was being filmed at Coppola’s La Lancha.

  2. Hi Mary:
    Yep, that Francis Ford Coppola is quite a guy! Oscar-winning film director, world-class winery owner, and he also owns an apartment in Paris that I’ve blogged about, too. Please read it at:

    Also, I just subscribed to your blog at fivestaralliance.com — looking forward to sharing articles with you!

    Best regards,

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