Sexy Beast™ For Your Jet Setting Canine

Black Dog

There’s no limit to the growing number of products and services for man’s and woman’s best friend.

And if you truly love your dog, Sexy Beast™ should be on your shopping list.

It’s a luxury canine-care product that provides dogs with the ultimate in pampering.

Doesn’t your jet-setting Fido deserve to stay fresh and sexy whether on the road or in the air?

Today’s dogs are more than just pets, they’re part of the family. In the past three years, 22.7 million Americans traveled with their four-legged companions. With many hotels now catering to both people and pets, pampered pooches also need ways to stay fresh while zipping around the globe.

The Sexy Beast™ 3-Step Travel Set includes miniature versions of the company’s award-winning, 3-step grooming system. It comes packaged in a gift box and is small enough to take in your carry-on bag. Price: $30.

Fresh is a botanical water infusion formulated to gently cleanse, deodorize and refresh a dog’s coat. Natural chamomile oil neutralizes odors while extracts of lavender and rosemary cleanse, soothe and condition skin. Adds a shine and leaves hair healthy, hydrated and subtly fragranced.

Powder is a light, plant-based, talc-free formula designed to add body and texture to the coat while leaving behind a subtle shimmer. Powder naturally absorbs oil and removes residue. Extracts of chamomile deodorize while lavender and rosemary leaf soothe and condition skin and help regulate oil production. Diatomaceous Earth serves as a natural insect repellent.

is a lightweight finishing mist that hydrates the coat, restores luster and adds shine. Made with pure safflower, chamomile flower, lavender and rosemary oils, this grooming treat softens the hair so your dog’s coat looks polished and lustrous.

All Sexy Beast™ products are hypo-allergenic and made from plant and mineral-based formulas. They’re available at the Studio at Fred Segal, luxury pet boutiques and online.

This dog in Ireland could easily be transformed into a Sexy Beast™. Photo by Sue Frause.

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