Enjoy the serenity of Geneva luxuriously


Are you planning to surprise your spouse by treating her to the most romantic destination in this world? Well, what can be better than Switzerland? With a perfect destination in hand, what you now need is a perfect hotel. Hotel De La Paix is one of the most luxurious hotels in Geneva and the most renowned suite of the hotel is the Grace Kelly Suite. It has derived its name from Monaco’s Queen, who stayed in this hotel for quite a long time. This suite, which covers up an area of 120 square meters, is made of two bedrooms and a living room with grand fireplaces. From this suite, you can enjoy beautiful views of the lake. The walls of the suite are adorned in blue and green droplets that will remind you of little ripples on the lake. Sit in the balcony of the suite and lose yourself completely to the calm and quiet sounds of nature.

The suite comes with WiFi internet, telephone, safe and tea/espresso machines. The bathroom is equipped with modern furnishings and toiletries. There is a huge flat screen television and A/V theatre for your entertainment as well.

Via www.hoteldelapaix.ch

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