Hermes Announce the launch of Exclusive Jewelry Collection

A luxury goods company in France named Hermes has announced their their launch of some of their finest collection of jewelry. These will be designed by Pierre Hardy, accessories designer.
The shape of Horse’s hoof is the inspiration of this collection referred to as “haute bijouterie.” This collection will consist of  exclusive 14 pieces and all of them  are limited edition. This will maintain the equestrian roots of this fashion house.

A pair of rose gold and black jadestone earrings will cost you about $23,675 where as an exquisite diamond necklace will cost around $880,000 or more.

The box in which this will be given is itself enough to impress the customer. The leather box, made of alligator skin, is really  attractive the buyers. Moreover, these boxes are customized. Zebra skin mats will protect each desired piece of jewelry in those boxes.


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