Blue diamond ring from Chopard at $16.26 million


A blue diamond is one of the rarest among colored precious stones that occur naturally on our blue planet. This diamond is so gorgeous that other diamonds lose their luster, when placed beside this blue gem. It occurs among mines that are around boron deposits. The Swiss jewelry manufacturer Chopard has used this blue diamond to make one of the most luxurious rings on earth. This ring is made of 18 carat white gold and a large oval shaped blue diamond is set on the gold band of the ring to make this ring the most exclusive and expensive in their jewelry section. This blue diamond is 9 carats in size. The triangular edges of the diamond give better shine and elegance to this exclusive gem. This is a lavish (and one of the rarest) jewelry that you can keep in your possession, available at an exclusive price of $16.26 million.


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