Miquella London’s Dazzling Presentation at Harrods


Miquella London has stunned the fashion world with the collection of exclusive jewelry launched at Harrods. The expensive and eye catchy set of jewelry is the perfect belonging, if you are a shopaholic with a craze for brands.

The selection of gorgeous jewelries by Miquella features intricate designing and the best part about these jewelries is that you get a perfect blend of modern and traditional artistry. The studios of Miquella have taken all the pain to create one of the most expensive jewelry lines adorned with the best quality crystals and stones that are semi-precious in nature.

The magic of this line of jewelry starts with 18 carat gold and genuine silver finishing. The intricate ornamentation is done with faceted onyx and crystal quartz of divergent qualities.

Colored leather cords accompanied by gold and silver chains including elaborate beads and pyrite and Droplet being twisted and chained together forms the sliced dewdrop beads including garnets finally with a chained appearance embedded with Swarovski crystals. You simply cannot take your eyes off this set of earrings.

Via: Lussorian.com

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