Shop Til You Drop Road Trip: Denver to Breckenridge, CO

I was not born with the shopping gene. My trips to stores involve a quick overview of the racks, a rapid dash to the proposed target, and a swift exit, having spent the minimal time possible.

Not so with my wife and daughter. They can shop for hours at a time, testing my patience by the minute. In Denver, we strolled through fashionable Larimer Square in the hipper than hip LoDo district. In Dillon, we hit the Silverthorne Factory Stores and did some damage to our credit card. And in Breckenridge, we strolled up and down Main Street and realized most shops sell T-shirts, baseball caps, fleeces and sweatshirts. Then, we happened upon the Cookin’ Cowgirl, its charming owner Elisabeth Gallup, its amazing array of terrific kitchen accessories and much more.

Here, you can find everything you could possibly want in a kitchen gadget, from an ice cream scoop with a silver cow’s head to a no-knuckle scraping potato peeler. Check it out at Town Square Mall, 100 North Main Street, Suite 209, Breckenridge, CO 80424, 970.453.8819.

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  1. Elisabeth says:

    Gil- you are the best! What an amazing blurb on my little shop! I enjoyed meeting you and the family so very much! I will look you up if I ever get to CA. But plan to be attacked with questions soon- b/c I just booked a culinary trip to Portugal and Tuscany for May. I’ll take any suggestions, and be sure to contribute an article!

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