Green Mountains, Blue Water, Luxe Resort: Anse Chastanet, St. Lucia

I’ve proud to say I’ve visited St. Lucia in the southern Caribbean. It was once my home port for a week-long sailing trip aboard a 200-foot tall ship.

“It is hard to imagine anywhere more lush than the southwest coast of St. Lucia,” said Jennifer Quale of Connoisseur Magazine. “In this wild green land, there are mysterious jungles, steamy volcanoes, secret waterfalls, thick palm forests, and most dramatic of all, two spectacular half mile high peaks – the Pitons – that shoot straight up from the sea.”

Some say they look like dual Matterhorns. Whatever they look like, they are clearly visible from the Anse Chastanet Resort, an upscale hotel that caters to honeymooners, divers, and those who appreciate luxury travel. Plus, it’s been named as one of Travel & Leisure’s Top 25 Caribbean resorts for 2005 & 2006.

Featuring immense suites, a growing art collection, a long list of amenities and a longer list of activities — scuba diving, snorkeling, tennis, sunset sailing, jungle biking, kayaking, nature walks among the ruins of a colonial plantation, or simply doing nothing. In fact, my friend Dennis will be diving there next week, so I hope to get reports from him on the underwater visibility and conditions.

Or you can pamper yourself royally at the Anse Chastanet spa, Kai Belté, located at beach level.

A: PO Box 7000, Soufriere, St Lucia.
T: 1-888-GO LUCIA
E: [email protected]

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  1. George says:

    Very inyeresting blog. I came across it from an email from Deb Freakbast. Your article on St. Lucia brings me back to our trip to that beautiful island.
    If you have any interest in a reciprocal link (we have a travel related blog), please let me know.
    Keep up the good work.

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