A Caribbean Vacation in Nisbet Plantation Beach Club

You will surely agree that a Caribbean vacation is really one of the very luxurious trips have you can enjoy. Anyone would die for this vacation. Now if you want to make your Caribbean trip more enjoyable then all you need to do is stay in the most comfortable hotel in the place. According to a reader’s survey, made by Conde Nest, the hotel that was rated for its service as number one on the Gold List for the World’s Best Places to Stay, 2009 is Nisbet Plantation Beach Club. Thus, now you have your answer to the most luxurious stay in the Caribbean.

At the Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, service means everything, almost. The special thing about the resort is that the staff recognizes the guests by their names. Travelers can relax in any of the 36 cozy cottages, and enjoy gourmet dining in the three restaurants.

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