Bling For Your Doggie: Fancy Bones Jewelry

Fancy BonesHaving a purebred showdog might get you points at the local dog park, but if you want to really show your dog you need that little something extra.

Fancy Bones makes dog ID tags out of solid gold or dripping with diamonds. Now there’s no reason your pampered pup should have to go without if bling is your thing.

Aside from the sold gold Bones starting at $850 and diamond encrusted Bones starting at $4,750, Fancy Bones also makes jewelry for dog owners. You can buy solid gold Bones earrings and pendants, even specially hand-crafted “dog tags” and beltbuckles. As if having a purebred Bulldog or Daschund isn’t enough, now you can wear one on your belt!


2 Responses to Bling For Your Doggie: Fancy Bones Jewelry

  1. Great doggie BLING!!!!

  2. lulu says:

    This is the end of the world! Pets being put down due to overpopulation, children dying because they don’t have what to eat, violence around the world, War. Do you people can’t see what you are doing offering diamonds for pets. Oh my Godness! Are you this cold, you can’t see how futile and ridiculous you are? Can’t the misery of the world touch your heart so you could try to do something good for humanity? I pity your soul!

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