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Lux Japanese Food Tours: Tasting Octopus Balls With The Globe Trotting Gourmet

If you’re like me, you’ll go anywhere for a good meal..but somehow, I don’t know about this one…..

Globe Trotting Gourmet, is a company that specializes in luxury Asian food tours. Its upcoming Ultimate Japanese Dining Experience — $5,995 (U.S.), plus a $1,000 surcharge for an optional dinner at “Kyoto’s most prestigious kaiseiki ryori restaurant” — includes 10 days of touring the markets, restaurants, shoyu and sake factories, as well as cooking with Japanese celebrity chef Ryuichi Yoshii. Myanmar (formerly called Burma) is the latest food destination for the Australian-based company, which also takes small groups to dine in a Vietnamese cobra restaurant or to cook a traditional Malay dish of nasi kerabu using shredded wild jungle herbs.

Just a few excerpts from the exclusive Japanese itinerary:
*You will also have a taste of Osaka’s most famous street food, takoyaki, or octopus balls. Chef Kuri Hara has been plying his trade for some 11 years now, and has been featured on NHK television for serving the city’s most delicious. The surrounds are humble, but the balls as good as you can get. ( geeze- at these prices they better be some mighty tasty balls!”)

*Today we travel further outfield of Tokyo, to the historic town of Noda, home to Japan’s most famous soy sauce manufacturer. Kikkoman has generously offered to show us the emperor’s private soy sauce factory where they produce the famed Goyogura shoyu.

*Tonight’s gala dinner is special indeed. Yukari restaurateur Kimio Nonaga actually beat the Iron Chef in a television competition! Here the multi-coursed dishes excel in flavor – even a humble walnut in tofu literally leaps from the plate to the palate! Try his Spanish mackerel smoked in cherry blossom tea, pickled fish sushi, and sea urchin jelly. ( Well, duh…who could resist sea urchin jelly.”)

For more yummy details go to their website.

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