Show Off In Style Your Diamond Adorned iPhone 3G


iPhone from Apple is already regarded as something of a luxury device and it a most sought after among the gizmo freaks, there are apparently some who think that this expensive device is not just flashy enough for them. Fortunately, for them (and also those of us who write about such expensive and luxury items), celebrated luxury designers have created these—the most expensive designer luxury iPhones in the world.

The Kings Button iPhone is a jewel-bedecked iPhone that just like its predecessors, is one of the most expensive luxury devices. However, this time, Aloisson had the luxury iPhone 3G to play with—and, it seems that the budget of this gadget is also a bit higher than its previous versions. One hundred and thirty-eight brilliant-cut dazzling diamonds line the edges of the iphone, but the real reward is the home button—a rare 6.6 carat stunning white diamond. It lends the whole device a unique look.


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