What’s Up, Bat Mitzah?: Montgomery Chapel, San Anselmo, CA

If you’re looking for the perfect place to have your Bar or Bat Mitzah, wedding, or other religious service, Montgomery Chapel is the cool place to have it. Located in San Anselmo, about 30 minutes north of San Francisco, it’s a non-denominational chapel adjacent to the San Francisco Theological Seminary.

And it’s also a beautiful building. With stained glass windows, it will blow anyone away. Whether you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, of Buddhist, Montgomery Chapel is the perfect place to have a memorable religious service.

(PS: My daughter Sara wrote this — she’ll celebrate her Bat Mitzvah here next month.)

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  1. Great post, Sara! Congratulations on your Bat Mitzvah.


  2. TS:
    Thanks so much.
    Sara enjoyed reading your comment.
    Mazel Tov!

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