One Track Minds: Romance on the Rails

Singles bars are sooo 2004! Romance on the Rails is an exciting, new way to meet singles while commuting on public transportation. The initial “party” for the first 80 registrants took place tonight at the San Francisco Caltrain Station. Just after 6pm, the train trekked south for the hour-ride to Menlo Park.

Then everyone departed for a “meet and greet my possible future spouse and/or significant other or hopefully not my next ex” at the nearby BBC Bar & Restaurant that ran until 9pm. The cost? Free with purchase of a Caltrain ticket. This event was hosted by Caltrain, Table for Six and Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance.

Info for possible future single commuter events: 650.588.8171 or Romance on the Rails.

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  1. I wish I lived in San Fran

  2. Beth:
    Thanks for your comment. Even if you don’t live in the SF Bay Area, you can still visit it and dozens of other venues through Vagablond. Gil

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