New Airport Treatment: Home Away from Home

Remember The Terminal with Tom Hanks? His character, Victor Navorski was an immigrant trapped in an airport terminal. Remember how he slept? Awkward on those uncomfortable seats. How he washed up in the airport bathroom and gathered his food from complimentary condiments?

But what if he could’ve spent a few hours in a day spa, or enjoyed wine with Catherine Zeta- Jones in an elegant wine bar, or relaxed in an rocking chair. Do you think he would’ve been in a hurry to leave? That’s exactly what some airports are trying to do: make travelers a little more comfortable before and between flights.

According to an article in USA Today, besides introducing new restaurants, adjoining hotels, and flashing terminals, a few airports are thinking outside the box by offering cool amenities to entertain passengers. Gone are the days of sitting idle while waiting for a flight. How about booking your next trip using free wireless internet, dancing to the music of your favorite artist, perusing an art gallery, or sleeping at a napping pod? Treatment like this makes arriving at the airport worth it.

Read more at USA Today

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