Experience Antarctic Voyage – Worth the Expense


Icebergs, penguins, freezing wind and a dearth of hotel rooms—these are the things you will find in the most expensive cruise destination of the world. Antarctica may not be the most hospitable region in the world, but it guarantees huge number of tourists in the continent.
Depending on your time of tour, you will get to see different wild life. In December and November, you can see hatching penguins whereas in February you can find young ones. Compared to anytime of the year, you will get to see more number of whales in February.

The operational cost of an Antarctic voyage together with lack of tourist infrastructure on the mainland, are making the cost so high.
Antarctic cruises usually begin in South America. The biggest ships only offer sail-by tours of the continent—you cannot get down from the ship. A cruise to the most expensive destination of the world may cost you as high as $26,000 or higher!

Via: Most-expensive.net

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