What’s The Opposite of Fast?: The Slow Food Movement, Italy

If you saw the documentary, “Super Size Me,” you may never eat a Big Mac again. I certainly won’t. To combat the American habit of gorging on fat-filled fast food, Slow Food is an international movement which began in Paris in 1989.

The first national association was founded in the the town of Bra, in the Piedmont area of northern Italy, near Turino. Other offices are now in Switzerland, Germany, New York, France and Japan, with over 80,000 members in more than 100 countries.

Its mission? To organize food and wine events, create moments of conviviality, raise the profile of products, promote local artisans and publicize wine cellars, as well as organizing tasting courses, Taste Workshops and educating the public in all matters of taste. Read more.

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