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I just reconnected with my college friend Serenella Leoni. A native Italian who was raised in the SF Bay Area, she spent 11 yars living life alla Toscana while studying and working there. Upon returning to Tuscany as an adult, Serenella experienced an intense sense of homecoming and came to realize that feeling welcomed as a treasured friend is key to truly understanding and appreciating the Tuscan way of life.

So she now strives to create the same sense of warm hospitality for you when you use her as your guide to visit Tuscany with Toscana Mia. She calls it discovering a Tuscany less traveled because you’ll stay in a private villa while exploring the northern part of Tuscany and live life as the natives do… with your days filled with a succession of small, soul-gratifying pleasures, like a perfectly prepared cappuccino at the corner caffe… beautiful fountains, sculpture-filled piazzas… magnificent churches around every corner… a late-afternoon merenda of home-cured olives and meats… local pecorino, freshly baked bread, and a fine Rosso Toscana from neighboring vineyards enjoyed under the pergola of a rustic taverna

All this and more accomany each Toscana Mia trip, especially exquisite home-cooked meals of traditional Tuscan recipes made with impossibly fresh, fragrant and colorful ingredients, fine wines from local vineyards, and tasting fresh olive oil crushed under the stones of an ancient frantoio.

She leads tours throughout the year, so for the most updated calendar, visit her Website soon, or call Serenella for more information: 1.650.343.4819.

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