Boxer Briefing: American Ironic

After making a bundle on the Joe Boxer line of fun briefs and boxers, Calgary-born Canadian Nick Graham has created a new line of undies.

American Ironic will initially include men’s boxers ($15) and T-shirts ($18), followed by pajamas. They’ll be available at Macy’s West in San Francisco’s Union Square by mid-February, and, we assume, other Macy’s stores nationwide. Garment graphics will include a dove holding a bomb, a bullet hole peace sign, a melting Statue of Liberty, and — get this for irony — and “Greetings from Texas” type over a map of Florida, plus other iconic, ironic stuff.

2 Responses to Boxer Briefing: American Ironic

  1. Dan Dutterer says:

    I bought a pair of your Declaration of Independence boxer shorts because I couldn’t figure which would be my size, so I ended up with a medium instead of a large, cuz that was all they had. Would there be any way that they could be exchanged for because they didn’t carry anymore. I’ve got your Peace Sign/American Flag ones also and if I wondered how I might go about this if you could help me out. Thanks So Much!!!

    I didn’t mean 2 get this published, I was just making a request and wondering how this might happen. IT’S NOT REALLY A COMMENT. It’s a question I couldn’t find an answer to. I DO work with words and since it is the BEST form of communication we have, I thought I’d try it out. THANX AGAIN!!!!

  2. Dan Dutterer says:

    I didn’t totally PROOF READ what I wrote before I sent it. I should have because suddenly the wording and the structural errors hit me like a ton of bricks and I came off like a MORON. Sorry. My college teachers would take my degree BACK if they saw that. Magna Cum Laude…oops.

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