What’s Canada’s Best New Restaurant? Nu

Thirty-seven of Canada’s most respected foodies had a tough task: coming up with Canada’s Best New Restaurants 2006. But at the end of the meal(s), Vancouver, BC’s Nu ended up with the distincition of being the top table.

The fifth annual survey, conducted by Air Canada’s enRoute magazine and its contributing editor Chris Johns, included new restaurants across Canada that opened between July 2005 and June 2006. Johns had this to say about Nu:

“Nu’s menu is a puzzle that fits no matter how you put it together. It has stylistic whims and nods to culinary trendiness. The kitchen, while ambitious, isn’t afraid of a bit of fun. Such naked ambition is a winning approach.”

Judges considered ingredients, preparations, service and ambience when it came to the Top Ten. It led them to such traditional feasting grounds as Montreal to small villages such as Hunter River, PEI and Port Dalhousie and Picton, Ontario. Other cities, such as Calgary, have reinvented their dining landscape since last year’s survey (Calgary has a dozen new restaurants).

Canada’s Best New Restaurants 2006 are:

1. Nu – Vancouver, British Columbia
2. Capo – Calgary, Alberta
3. Dayboat – Hunter River, Prince Edward Island
4. Cava – Toronto, Ontario
5. Rare – Vancouver, British Columbia
6. Pintxo – Montreal, Quebec
7. Harvest – Picton, Ontario
8. Treadwell – Port Dalhousie, Ontario
9. Joe Beef – Montreal, Quebec
10. Saint Germain – Calgary, Alberta

The November Food Issue of enRoute also premieres 25 Where to Eat Next establishments, organized by city. They represent Canada’s best chefs and restaurateurs. In geographical order, from east to west, are enRoute’s picks for Where to Eat Next:

• Basho Japanese Fusion, St. John’s, Newfoundland
• Saege Bistro, Halifax, Nova Scotia
• Opera Bistro, Saint John, New Brunswick
• La Noce, Quebec City, Quebec
• L’Atelier, Montreal, Quebec
• Garde-Manger, Montreal, Quebec
• XO, Montreal, Quebec
• La Loie, Montreal, Quebec
• Par-Fyum, Gatineau, Quebec
• Stella, Ottawa, Ontario
• Jamie Kennedy Gardiner, Toronto, Ontario
• Ki Restaurant, Toronto, Ontario
• Lai Toh Heen, Toronto, Ontario
• Torito, Toronto, Ontario
• Vertical, Toronto, Ontario
• Bistro 7 1/4, Winnipeg, Manitoba
• Zest, Regina, Saskatchewan
• Alexis, Calgary, Alberta
• Mercato, Calgary, Alberta
• The Tribune, Calgary, Alberta
• Velvet, Calgary, Alberta
• White Goose Bistro, Prince George, British Columbia
• Century, Vancouver, British Columbia
• Mistral, Vancouver, British Columbia
• Senova, Vancouver, British Columbia

I dined at Nu several months ago and still dream about the Crispy Fried Oysters. These aren’t your grandpa’s oysters but served with a syringe like contraption on the side that’s filled with chilled Granville Island Lager. Eat the golden oyster and then suck up the suds!

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