Rolling In The Dough: Mary Beth’s Apple Pies

My Bad! What was I thinking? I was in charge of bringing dessert to a Passover Seder. Having no time to bake anything, (as if), I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to order some of these incredible Apple Pies that an entertaining-diva friend of mine had been raving about. It’s an interesting startup story. Mary Beth’s Apple Pie Company, which is about a year old now, is run by Mary Beth Evans, A.K.A. Kayla Brady on NBC’s Days of our Lives.

For the last two decades, Mary Beth has been baking her famous apple pie for every occasion known to mankind–and always receiving rave reviews. Thank goodness her husband dared her to go into the mail-order frozen pie business, so even if we’re not that close to the busy actress, we can enjoy every mouthwatering, flaky, Granny Smith filled bite. Each delectable pie is still handmade, delivered frozen, so you can bake it on a whim. Since there is a steep delivery charge, (the dry ice and styrofoam box costs a fortune) I’d recommend ordering a freezerful!

Oh, in case you were wondering what the problem was–YOU DON’T EAT FLOUR (as in pie crust) during Passover. Good thing I’m ambidextrous, so I can “bake” the pie for Easter.

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