Talk to the Animals This Summer: Los Angeles

Skirball—Don’t you just love that name? Though it sounds like the ultimate insult young boys sling at each other, “Your mother is a Big, Fat Skirball,” the Skirball Cultural Center in L.A. has established itself as one of the world’s most dynamic Jewish cultural institutions, and was hailed by The New York Times as “a lesson on how to connect the eye to heart and mind.” And on June 26th, a storm is brewing…. as Skirball proudly unveils a new exhibition that was five years in the making: Noah’s Ark.

You and the kids will brave a storm, make rain, then climb aboard a gigantic wooden ark that you helped build — all inspired by the ancient flood story of Noah’s Ark — to interact with handcrafted animals. From life-size giraffes and elephants to snow leopards, flamingos and iguanas, the fanciful puppets and figures represent 186 species. Sounds more exciting than The Lion King. Tickets to Noah’s Ark are not yet available, so call 310-440-4500 for updated information or click on check here for visitor information.

After saving the world, you’ll probably have built up an appetite so I’d suggest making reservations at Esquire Magazine’s 2006 pick for Best New Restaurant to open in the U.S. (and you might consider spending the night there after, since CUT is located in the classsic Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

CUT, Los Angeles
Legendary chef Wolfgang Puck and his friend,prominent architect Richard Meier, who designed The Getty Center, hit a home run with the sleek ultra-modern CUT. The steakhouse menu includes exceptional USDA prime cuts–aged either twenty-one or thirty-five days–as well as true Japanese Wagyu beef. The Kobe beef short ribs with spices and raisins is a must, since the difficult balance of hot and sweet is perfect.

Meats can be accompanied by a sauce of your choice, and different vegetables (the golden-brown potato Tarte Tatin melts in your mouth). If after your busy day rescuing the animals, you cannot bear the thought of eating one — no worries. There are plenty of fish offerings or try the gorgeous crackling skinned rotisserie duckling, brushed with lavender thyme honey (cooked for two, with plenty left over for tomorrow’s lunch).

W: www.wolfgangpuck.com/cut
Hours: Mon.-Thu., 5:30-10 p.m.; Fri.-Sat., 5:30-11 p.m
A: Beverly Wilshire Hotel, 9500 Wilshire Boulevard.
T: 310-276-8500

By Vagablond’s Token Redheaad.

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