On Strike: British Airways Cancels 106 Healthrow Flights

Breaking News from British Airways which is affecting 20,000 passengers:
“British Airways has cancelled all flights into and out of London Heathrow airport until at least 6pm on Friday 12 August.

“This follows the suspension of all British Airways’ Heathrow flights this afternoon as a result of unofficial industrial action by staff from catering company Gate Gourmet. This unofficial action spread to British Airways ground staff.

“Due to the uncertainty of the industrial situation at Heathrow and aircraft and flying crew being out of position, the airline has taken the decision to cancel all flights until tomorrow evening.

“We apologise unreservedly to our customers.

“Customers due to travel before 6pm tomorrow should not go to London Heathrow Airport but should contact the airline or their travel agent to arrange a refund or rebook their travel plans.”

According to CNN, 62 short-haul and 44 long-haul flights hat were due to depart from Heathrow were canceled, while another 14 short-haul flights and an unknown number of long-hauls en route to the UK were diverted to other airports. Plus, other flights bound for London were canceled.

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