You Can’t Top This: Brent Black Panama Hats of the Pacific

When Pierce Brosnan called my friend Brent Black to order one of the world’s finest Panama hats, Brent silently smiled, pumped his fist, then took the order in stride. After all, Brosnan wasn’t the only big shot Hollywood star to request a customized chapeau from Brent’s Panama Hat Company of the Pacific, headquartered on Oahu, Hawaii.

His particular specialty, and his passion, is the legendary Montecristi Panama hat — the hat of Kings, Presidents and other rascals. On his very deep Website that’s filled with stories of Hollywood stars who’ve worn them, you can shop for the finest quality Panama hat, see how these hats are made, find out how to measure your hat size, discover why one Panama hat costs more than another, and much more.

Even National Geographic’s November 2005 issue thinks his work to save the art of Montecristi Panama hats is important. Plus, Brent Black Montecristi Panama hats were the only hats named “Best of the Best” in the Robb Report.

Read more: Brent Black’s Panama Hats of the Pacific.

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  1. Wow, these hats go for thousands and the people who make them live in shacks. Nice!

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