Time to Eat The Donuts

Like doughnuts? Like to travel? Well, with a recent article in Saveur Magazine, you just might be able to combine the two. All in the name of research, of course, their staff recently went on the road to uncover the seven best doughnut shops that are worth checking out.

First up is Butler’s Colonial Donut House in Westport, MA. Fresh doughnuts (pictured above) filled with black raspberry jelly, and REAL whipped cream. Doesn’t get much better than that, folks.

Doughnut Plant was started in August 1994, on the Lower East Side of New York City, by Mark Isreal. He learned his popular recipe from his grandfather, who, in turn, learned how to bake in the Army. Their speciality is a banana cream-filled peanut-butter glazed doughnut that, I’m sure, Elvis would have swooned for.

Jim the Donut Man, a roadside stop on Route 66 in Los Angeles, features fillings made from berries he picked fresh that morning. And talk about swooning… peach donuts in the Summer, direct from local fruit pickins’.

Shipley Do-Nuts in Oxford, Mississippi has a delicious sugary veneer on every doughnut that is akin to no other.

Tex Drive-In on the Big Island of Hawaii will lure you in with their malasada, a holeless Portuguese doughnut. Bucking tradition, give the pepper jelly ones a try.

Top Pot Doughnuts, based in Seattle, is known for their Valley Girls, a tart lemon-filled doughnut with lemon icing. Pucker up! The fun-named doughnuts continue with their popular Pink Feather Boas and Double Troubles.

And lastly, the Zingerman’s Roadshow. In Ann Arbor, MI, you’ll find an aluminum trailer coach beside Zingerman’s Roadhouse restaurant… stop in and try their recommended nutmeg and lemon zest-spiked doughnuts, and have one for me!

Not enough doughtnut recommendations? Then stop by Blognut, a great site to discover even more delectable doughnuts. Happy eating!

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