Alinea – Come and Satisfy your Gastronomical Adventures here

Want to know about the best gastronomic destination in Chicago, it is Alinea in Lincoln Park. The opening of this restaurant has created major buzz among people. It is a number one food spot of Chicago, perhaps in the world.

“Visionary” chef Grant Achatz is continuously in search of new ingredients and innovative ways to serve people most mouthwatering food. The place will definitely cater to all of your five senses. The traditional American delicacies are produced in various new methods. With dedicated staff and innovative ideas, this place has earned a huge popularity among people. The dishes are often served with helpful  instructions on how to eat. The tableware are creative showing their signature innovation. The décor creates a minimalist ambience.

Anyone who really loves food should visit this place once – but be prepared to pay astronomically high prices. It will cost you around $192 per person. You need to reserve your seats well ahead of your visit.


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  1. Susan Smith says:

    My husband took me to Alinea in Feb. for my birthday. It was amazing……but very expensive. Worth it though.

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