This Isn’t Your Pappy’s Snowshoe: MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoe

good snowshoes Snowshoes have come a long way from the ones Richard Proenneke used to get around in his Alaskan outback winters forty years ago.

Today’s showshoes are made to move. That’s the idea, anyway, with MSR’s Lightning Ascent snowshoe. This snowshoe provides 360 degrees of traction, and is made of aerospace-grade aluminum. The shoes make trekking through the snow a whole lot easier than just using boots, but it comes at a premium. A pair of Lightning Ascent snowshoes cost about $260.

MSR, Mountain Safety Research, makes a whole line of useful products; tents, cookware, and water treatment solutions to name a few; to keep you alive no matter how far into the wilderness you decide to wander in your new snowshoes.


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