They Take A Licking & Keep on Clicking: Rough, Tough Laptops

Due to the rigors of traveling through airports, being tossed into cars, or falling off your lap onto hard floors, laptop computers can crack, break or otherwise expire. Not anymore. Now manufacturers like Panasonic and Itronix are creating “toughbook” portables that can take a licking and keep on clicking. They feature rugged, shock-mounted hard drives protected by stainless steel, extra-hard cases of magnesium alloys, plus moisture- and dust-resistant keyboards and screens.

Some of Panasonic’s rough, tough laptops are even being combat-tested in the Middle East by U.S. troops, with consumer versions offered in Firehouse Red or Arctic White. Specialty manufacturer Itronix will soon introduce a shock resistant branded Hummer laptop in your choice of Competition Yellow, Victory Red or Pewter Metallic.

Best of all, it costs about the same to purchase a toughbook as a traditional consumer laptop. So if you’re tough on your portable — or have kids that are — consider upgrading to a harder case to crack.

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