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Mmmm, Mmmm, Gone :: Grapefruit & Tarragon Chocolate Sampler, Recchiuti Confections

Not sure if this qualifies for one of your “five a day”, but what the heck…

Four pieces of Michael Recchiuti’s favorite flavor combo include tarragon leaves infused in extra-bitter chocolate ganache, then topped with a sliver of candied grapefruit. This artisan chocolate expert mans a store at the Ferry Building Plaza in San Francisco.

It’s available through August only at the Recchiuti Website that’s sure to make you drool on your keyboard.

Buy it now: 4 pieces for $11.00.

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  1. Yeah I have to agree on this one. This flavor combo has always been on of my favs. I suggest trying this combo of flavors with other desserts you like to make, for example; ice cream, brownies, cakes, and even a tarragon grapefruit drink. The field is wide open with this set of flavors to play around with.
    Michael Recchiuti

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