A Bullet for Your Pendant


One of the exclusive ideas most youngsters love to try out is possess a glaring bullet pendant. Well you do not have to be a hunter to own a sporty bullet and chain it round your neck. These are rated as the most expensive bullets in the world. Bullet Forge is the proud seller of these bulleted pendants.

Being an online merchant of a class, Bullet Forge specializes in presenting the world with customized bullets made of gold, platinum, and silver. You will surely lose your heart to those bullets and when attached to a chain or necklace these bullets will simply add to the beauty of your appearance.

The exclusive bullets are made from pure 14-karat white gold that will simply dazzle your eyes and the shine will be reflected in the eyes of your admirers. A twinkling amethyst at the tip of the bullet is surrounded by 90 diamonds that adds to the beauty and glamor of the most perfect creation by Bullet Forge. Each of these unique pieces of crafting costs approx $3,000.

Via: Bullet Forge

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