The Royal Penthouse Suite :: Geneva, Switzerland


In Geneva Switzerland, the Royal Penthouse Suite is the most expensive suite in the President Wilson Hotel. You will surely feel that your imagination has run wild as a nights stay in Royal Penthouse Suite means a mind blowing expense of $65,000 for a night.

This exclusive suite is a complete paradise with a fully equipped cocktail lounge. The bookings to this Royal Penthouse Suite can be only done through the chairman of the hotel. This suite is so exclusive that occupies one whole floor in the President Wilson Hotel. The royal treatment reaches its pinnacle when you are escorted to your private haven in a private elevator.

This suite is perfect for your entire family to have a gala feast of a holiday. It has four bedrooms and six bathrooms. You can also enjoy the views of the Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc. The windows and doors and bulletproof and thus this suite is primarily reserved for the celebs.


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  1. I would Like to see the history of your hotel

  2. I wonder if discounts are given. truly mind boggling.

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