The Bride Wore A White Wetsuit: Caribbean Weddings, Cozumel, Mexico

I tried to propose to my wife underwater in the Caribbean. She almost drowned. That’s why I wish I knew about Caribbean Weddings –– a company that specializes in getting hitched at sunset on the glistening white sand beaches of Cozumel on the Mexican Caribbean. Or tying the knot under the warm tropical waters with your wedding party breathing with scuba tanks.

Señora Cecilia Diaz is the founder and CEO of As she points to a set of photos of an underwater wedding in Cozumel, she says, “Look at the expressions of the bride and groom and the wedding party. What do you see in their faces? Joy. Delight. Happiness. Why is that? Let me tell you, it’s not nitrogen narcosis or rapture of the deep.”

Cecilia knows: “An underwater wedding is a memorable experience–and uniquely yours. The romantic sea silently embraces you both. There are no distractions in the quiet beneath the waves. You hear each others’ breathing and the beating of your hearts. The countless inhabitants of the marine world bear witness to your commitment. And each time you descend into the magic of inner space, you remember your oath of friendship and love.”

With those reasons in mind, Cecilia decided to offer an underwater ceremony to her clients at But how does a professional planner take an underwater ceremony from flash of inspiration to a reality whose artistry and magic are expressed 30 feet below the ocean’s surface?

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Or call Cecilia Diaz: From the USA & Canada, phone Cozumel, Mexico at 011-52 (987) 872-1750.

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