Isla Viveros: The Real Place for Lavishness

If you thought that building a luxury resort on an island was easy them you are wrong. However Isla Viveros has been able to achieve this. Isla Viveros will be open from May this year for guests and they can enjoy their stay on the island and experience the ultimate when it comes to luxuries.

The resort is situated untouched region that remain free from the forces of earthquakes and hurricanes. It is situated about 45 miles to the west of Panama City and it is soon going to reach the height of luxury travel.

The general manager Maxime Navarre of Grupo Viveros said that Isla Viveros is inherent with some unique features as opposed to other luxury resorts. Each and every property on the island offer island views and located overlooking the ocean since Viveros island is situated in the center of an archipelago. You can enjoy all the five-star amenities that you want.


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