Ten Bedroom Residence for your lavish lifestyle at Alila Villas Soori


Stepping into a blissful paradise means that the guests are experiencing a beachfront lifestyle with a touch of sophisticated luxury at Alila Villas Soori in Bali. This heavenly resort is located along the southwest coastline of Bali, where guests can view the peerless beauty of the amazing black sand beaches of the blue Indian Ocean. The surrounding landscape features a wide range of diversities starting from the volcanic mountains to rice terraces, sand beaches and the ocean. There are exquisite villas to accommodate guests in a beachfront setting and allow them to relax in a stylish and luxurious lifestyle. The villas ensure privacy and seclusion to guests so that they can enjoy their intimacy and stay in the lap of nature perfectly. The villas are interconnected with elegant pathways. The Ten-Bedroom Residence is the ultimate destination in the resort which offers the most lavish way of lifestyle apart from offering the best panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Via www.alilavillassoori.com

Posted by Bhavesh Bhatia on November 01, 2011 in Travel

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