Little Temple Bar :: Paris, France

In the heart of the Latin Quarter, in the heart of Paris, state of the art, yet old fashioned decor, lively yet cozy atmosphere, with all you need to make this your hang out during a short or long term stay in Paris.

When opening his ‘Little Temple Bar’ in ‘rue de la soif’ (street of thirst), Arnaud Gasté must have worked hard at coming up with an original idea. The balance he has created is excellent. The ‘rue Princesse’ must be only 50 metres long and has around 10 drinking establishments, one of the existing ones, EDEN PARK, is next door to the new venture and Arnaud is the owner there also. He knows the area, his clientelle and at 32 years old, knows what sort of evening a visitor is looking for, whether the visitor be from his generation or not, a sports lover or not, a local business man or a short stay tourist.

When I put myself in a business or even tourist visitor position, I try to think of all the small details that make a bar work for me when traveling. Very quickly one can discard many supposedly ‘user friendly’ places on several telling details. The Little Temple Bar has a cozy, warm ‘Irish pub’ feel, however, add that to the stylish modern design and the unbeatable variety of drinks and you have all you need.

The Little Temple Bar has discreet flat screen TV’s showing nearly all U.S. U.K. and French sports, however, the TV’s are not intrusive and yet another tasteful way of blending old and new, for traditional yet modern pub/bar experience. There is for example, free ‘wifi’ available and even a dartboard in its own special area.

This is indeed a great place to be, whether it’s to be in your ‘local’ in the center of Paris or an all-in-one haunt while in Paris for a short stay.

Needless to say, as the Little Temple Bar is marketed as an Irish bar, Guinness is served on draught, a great variety of whiskies, cocktails and shots are also on the menu.
At the weekend expect light snacks at the bar.

The Happy hour is a good way to start the evening, before sauntering over to the other side of the boulevard Saint Germain to dine. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy a pint or two during a game on TV or pass by after dining out for a couple of drinks to unwind in good company.

The staff are young and multi-lingual and of Irish, English and French nationality.
The lively but respectful crowd that drink in the area are often rugby fans or even ex-players that have been coming to the area for years, or businessmen, mostly Anglophone, with a sprinkling of other nationalities.

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12, rue Princesse
75006 Paris
01 43 26 79 95
contact[email protected]

Comments (3)

  1. RC
    RC says:

    This is a racist bar. If u are not white, u cannot enter here. Speak from personal experience. So if u are white supremacist, this is a dream place. For the rest of us it is a experience.

  2. SG
    SG says:

    You’re an Idiot Im not white and frequently visit this bar. The atmoshere is excellent and the staff are always polite, especially the Indian Bar man.

  3. SB
    SB says:

    I agree with SG, there is nothing racist about this bar and the staff is very friendly. Probably the main reason I visit it often!

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