Recycled Boeing 747 Becomes Jumbo Hostel :: Stockholm

Cleared for permanent landing, sometime this month, is the Jumbo Hostel –the world’s first hostel housed in a Boeing 747. They couldn’t have picked a better spot to launch this chain since , the Arlanda Airport in Stockholm has 17-18 million travelers passing through the airport every year.

If you rplane is grounded, you have a flight leaving in the early wee hours, or just want a unique night’s sleep, this jumbo jet has been reconstructed and is now a 25-room boutique hotel—with substantial bathroom improvements, and even an elevator. There is a cafe, with a basic menu, or options for heating up your own food

Most of the rooms offer 3 bunk beds or you can spring for the cockpit suite- which includes access to the upper-deck lounge and a great view of all the airport action.

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