Bring Home the Priceless Memories of Oyster Circle (Part I)


This season rejuvenate your spirits with a royal holiday at Oyster Circle. Oyster Circle is Europe’s first venture to establish a destination club featuring a world of luxuries for the ones who can afford the memberships. If you want to pamper yourself to your heart’s content then Oyster Circle is the haven for you.

The membership opportunity for 35 days needs one to pay a deposit amount of $520,000 including the yearly amount of $40,000. If you are in love with your luxurious life then this deal should be the best one for you. Once you become the member, you can stay in locations like Italy, Cape Town, South Africa and the Bahamas to mention a few.

Oyster Circle in fact, adds a new dimension to the definition of luxury and class while your holidaying experience is simply elevated to a feeling of being in heaven. You will simply love your life once you are amidst the lavishes offered by Oyster Circle.

Via: The Oyster Circle

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