The Granville Island Hotel – Vancouver, British Columbia

The Granville Island HotelI have had the pleasure visiting Granville Island many times. Some folks make it a destination for the day to visit their famous market, or a very obvious choice for a memorable meal at the multitude of restaurants. What I would highly recommend to consider it a spot to park your car and stay at the Granville Island Hotel.

Granville Island is about 38 acres, and gets just under 11 million visitors per day (source – The hotel is a hidden gem, that will help you carve out a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the island. I would recommend you also plan for at least one meal at the Dockside Restaurant. If you are there in the right season, I think you would be hard pressed to find a better pati for a special lunch or dinner.

I think it is also noteworthy that there was not a single hiccup in service. From the warm, yet efficient check in to checkout…beyond please with the level of service. Just in case you want to travel with your pooch, they are pet friendly with a small additional fee.

1253 Johnston Street
1-800-663-1840 FREE / 1-604-683-7373

5 Responses to The Granville Island Hotel – Vancouver, British Columbia

  1. Henry says:

    Great accommodations and venue. An opportunity to visit an international city at a reasonable cost—-great experience.

  2. Jones H says:

    We recently stated at the Granville island hotel. What a gem. Right in the most picturesque part of Granville Island, this gorgeous hotel sits. Perfectly situated for anything you may want to do in Granville island. The rooms are fabulous , the the beds are so comfortable, and probably one of the cleanest hotels I have stated in.

  3. kings T says:

    Staff was excellent , pub and restaurants were excellent. Was able to attend a tour and spoke with the brew-master which was very good as well.

  4. Brian says:

    I would highly recommend this lovely hotel.

  5. Andy c says:

    A small friendly hotel in an diverse area and interesting area close to the heart of Vancouver.

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