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Are you fond of yacht holiday and like to know about some interesting facts about the yachts across the world? Then check this out. A new yacht of the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is regarded as the largest private yacht of the world until date. It measures about 560 feet in length.

It is named as Superyacht Eclipse. According to the reports, this yacht has at least one small submarine, an anti paparazzi laser shield, a missile defense system making it one of its kind. It also has two helipads on board and two swimming pools. One of these swimming pools can be converted into a dance floor after draining out the water from it. It cost him £310 million to construct this super yacht. This luxurious yacht equipped with counter terrorism measures, and bulletproof windows offer highest level of security to its guests. It is equipped with all the technologically advanced gadgets to ensure security.


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  1. £310 million . its too enough man to construct this super yacht.

  2. I’d like to take her for a spin around the world.

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