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Growing up I always thought a secret passageway in your house symbolized the epitome of what was cool. I probably got this idea from reading too many Richie Rich comic books. The folks over at Woodfold Bookcase Doors have created a product that will let you camouflage a closet, a wine cellar, a wall safe or a private retreat.

Two fixed shelves center and bottom serve to reinforce the door’s integrity, while four adjustable shelves allow for quick customization. Available in a choice of hardwood veneers, either unfinished or finished in customized stains or paints, this great pretender features our exclusive steel hardware hinge system designed to assure strong, smooth, lasting operation.

[ via BornRich ]

Product Details

* Available in two widths: 54�? and 66�?
* Constructed entirely from durable ¾“ ApplePly™ that supports loads up to 500 pounds
* Available in three hardwood veneers (Oak, Cherry and Maple), unfinished or finished in environmentally safe clear and customized stains and paints
* Includes a valance matched to your chosen finish
* Includes two fixed shelves at center and bottom, with four additional, quickly adjustable shelves
* Offers superior strength due to a piano-hinge that runs the entire length of the bookcase
* Assures incredible longevity and smooth operation thanks to a heavy-duty steel roller system with anti-binding block
* Includes steel upper wall guide with multi-position pre-drilled mounting holes
* Includes our exclusive steel hardware hinge system, adjustable for either left or right, two-position pivot
* Provides ease of entry with a strong, low-profile, steel threshold

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  1. Damn that’s a cool idea, I may have to copy it when I move to my new place.. *ponders*
    You are right, by the way, it is the epitome of awesome!

  2. I wonder what I would hide in there. Or just have a place away from the old lady. Anyways, great post.

  3. Very Anne Frank 🙂

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