Stuart Hughes Creates History by Designing a 55″ Prestige HD Television with Gold Borders


Luxury gadgeteer Stuart Hughes has done it again! After recently creating news with the gold video game consoles, Hughes has now undertaken the common element that binds all of us together–television. This 55″ Prestige HD television, powered by Metz, is coated in 28 kilograms of 18k rose gold embellished with seventy-two round cut, flawless 1-carat diamonds. However, that is certainly not the end of the luxury items used in its unique creation, the most expensive television in the world features alligator skin hand sewn into the bezel. It comes with a stunning price tag of $2.26 million.

The Prestige HD Supreme Edition may be a more cost effective alternative to the Supreme Rose Edition. These luxury pieces are meant for those who like to indulge their money in expensive gadgets. This one features only 19 kilograms of 22k yellow gold and the 48 dazzling round cut diamonds are only .75 carats apiece. It also boasts off aventurine and topaz gems, all for $1.5 million.


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