Lalique Daydreams in Ocean Blue: The Masterpiece


Lalique, the century-old crystal house recognized for its over-elaborated glass tabletop pieces, is feeling blue this spring. The DayDream Collection is the group’s most technical feat yet, attributing crystal vases and statuettes in an outstandingly clear ocean-blue color made from an oxide mix that is often too foamy to have any transparency. In fact, the blend works only 20 percent of the times to attain this clear tint; the rest 80 percent is not usable.

The collected works has a fairy-tale theme, with hand-blown glass butterflies, fairies, and dragonflies suspended atop vases and sculptures that take from three to six weeks to create. The goddess Aurora is featured in a limited-edition vase and in two bowls, on behalf of the goddess of the dawn with fairy-like women, fauna, and flora. Also particularly exceptional are the small dragonfly figurines, based on a series of glass automobile-hood ornaments from the 1920s and early 1930s designed by René Lalique, the company’s founder. The DayDream Collection has a whopping price tags ranging from $490 to $18,500 and is available now at Lalique boutiques and Bloomingdale’s.


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