Time for a Luxurious Gucci Twirl Watch

The phone rang loudly Christmas morning so I quickly slid on my new slippers and jumped over wads of gift wrap, half assembled toys and the remaining unopened boxes to answer it before it woke Grandpa from his nap.

My good friend called to tell me she just got a Gucci Twirl Watch. “A what?�? I asked… Her husband wrapped her wrist in a newly launched timepiece by Gucci.

She described her recent desperation –– the clasp of her old Timex broke causing it to drop off in a restaurant. She claimed to be lost without a watch. How could she make any appointments on time? How would she know when the nine o’clock movie was about to start? Who would signal the start of Happy Hour?

Seemed like a sob story to me, but apparently her husband bought it… and then he bought a new watch! Swiss made, stainless steel bracelet with a brown dial and lots of diamonds. Seventy two in all!

Turns out there are different styles of the Twirl as well as price ranges. As seen on the Gucci Website, my favorite is the 18k gold version with the mother of pearl face –– a sweet purchase if you have an excess $10,900 lying around.

Well, at least my girlfriend had a great time this Christmas… that is, thanks to Gucci.

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