Expensive Jeans for the Season

Now is the time to watch out for expensive products if you thought that it is hard to get luxury goods in the present market. Now you need to revise your way of thinking. For the time being, you can overlook paper accessories by Karl Lagerfeld that were presented at Chanel haute couture show. The latest in the fashion news is jeans by Tom Ford, which screams of a $990 price tag. So even in the middle of the recession and credit crunch you can think about making this purchase.

Why is the product so expensive? It is because of the quality. The jeans is made by using Japanese selvage denim. That means that your jeans will not shrink or even fade. That sounds great. It also comes with a charming 18-carat gold button. Even Balmain, the very hot and happening French house is selling away jeans for $2685. All because the products involve many upgraded techniques. So what is your choice?

Via businessoffashion.net

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