State of the Art Wine Labels: Calona Vineyards, B.C.

Ann Thinghuus is part Dutch, part Chinese and 100% creatively gifted. She draws on her culturally diverse Asian, European and Canadian heritage to generate a radical fusion of textures and styles in her painting and prints.

One of her creations is a wine label for the new Calona Vineyards Artist Series Reserve Chardonnay 2004. “Dawn” is a rich ripe, juicy swirl of colour and movement that evokes the very essence of the flavours in their Chardonnay.

Every year, the forward thinking Calona winery, established in 1932, supports the enormously talented bank of B.C. award-winning artists by commissioning a series of labels. According to its Web site: “The Artist Series tells a story that begins on the label and finishes on your palate.”

Calona Vineyards
North of Highway 97 on Richter St. Situated between downtown Kelowna and Historic Knox Mountain Park.
A: 1125 Richter St., Kelowna, BC, Canada V1Y 2K6
T: 250-762-9144 or Toll-Free 1-888-246-4472.

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