Higher Than The Empire State Building: Hotel Rates Soaring

According to an article in today’s SF Chronicle, Ed Perkins predicts sky high prices in London and New York hotels.

He says, “I see no relief from increasing hotel prices this year, especially in the big cities where rates have already soared. London is becoming simply unaffordable to American visitors, and New York isn’t far behind. And in either city, even going down- market doesn’t get you much of a deal — or a decent room. Fortunately, most of Europe isn’t as bad as London, and most of the United States hasn’t hit New York highs yet.

“More than ever, your best defense against outrageous hotel rates is to buy through an opaque site, such as Hotwire.com or Priceline.com, where prices can be much lower than on even self-styled ‘discount’ sites.”

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