Speak Your Piece In The Story Booth: Jet Blue

I haven’t yet flown Jet Blue, but all my friends rave about it. To capture these passenger love stories, the airline’s ad agency, J. Walter Thompson, has created The Story Booth.

Designed by New York’s Mesh Architecture, the booth, which features an interactive atmosphere, just launched a 10-city tour after its initial installment in New York’s Rockefeller Plaza. Passengers who want to share their Jet Blue experience walk in, tell their story and walk out. Kinda like the Radio Shack red chair.

The Story Booth will then travel to Orlando; Santa Monica; Oakland; Burlington; Washington, DC; Ft. Lauderdale; San Jose; Boston and Rochester. [Via CoolHunting.com.]

2 Responses to Speak Your Piece In The Story Booth: Jet Blue

  1. Domestically, I only fly where JetBlue flies.

  2. Gil Zeimer says:

    Sounds like a great flight plan. I vow to fly them soon to find out what all the love is all about.
    Thanks for sharing your comment.

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