Ts for H20: Scubapunk

From the cutting-edge Cool Hunting:

They’re clean. They’re simple. They’re fashion forward. They’re T-shirts with slogans about underwater life. They’re called Scubapunk.

Cool Hunting says: “Like its name, Scubapunk juxtaposes otherwise unconsidered concepts. The designs are a clean and simple interpretations of underwater life. Their site, on the other hand, brings in the more punk side of their personality.”

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  1. The website is very difficult to navigate. However, some of the shirts are cool. Most scuba-shirts advertise destinations or look like golf shirts. The good thing about Scubapunk’s shirts is that they showcase diving rather than some destination.

  2. Willy:
    Thanks for your comment. I agree their site is hard to get around but if you’re persistent, you can find their cool Ts.
    Thanks again, Gil from Vagablond

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