Surf in Style with Marc Newson’s Designer Nickel Coated Surf Boards


Surfboards are originally invented in Hawaii.

These were mostly made from the local woods.

However, in recent times the boards are mostly made from polyurethane foam covered in a few layers of fiberglass cloth and then coated with polyester resin.

However, the most costly surfboards are a bit different from the regular one in their price as well as the materials used.

The famous Australian designer Marc Newson created these expensive surfboards.

There were only ten of these limited edition boards were available.

Crafted as a work of art, these exclusive pieces can be used for proper surfing.

These pricey surfboards (yeh, more than most people’s credit card limit) are plated with nickel and are 5 foot long.

These have unique mirror finish polish for reducing drag.

One piece of this board is sold off at the price of almost $100,000.

The famous championship surfer Garrett McNamara used one piece of this costly surfboard that you can see in New York at the Gagosian Gallery.

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