Shopping Online Has A New Global Attitude:

My friends Tami and Sharon are Israelis, but live in America. Because they love the Mediterranean flair of Israel, the cutting edge fashion designs of Milan, and the couture of Paris, they blended them all
with the corner boutique and the big city mall to create — a new e-commerce Website that lives up to its slogan, “Wear art meets fashion.”

They’re constantly on the hunt for talented Israeli artists with unique styles and designs that celebrate creativity, originality, art and attitude. Pictured here are two of their most popular items — a small brass ring with a white cameo on a blue-green background (OL-R-18, $54.00) — one of the dozens of pieces of handmade jewelry featuring Swarovsky crystals, Murano stones, and other semi-precious gemstones set within exceptionally unique designs.

The second item is a gold-plated necklace with embroidered butterflies and sequins and Swarovsky stones (ZS222-H, $196.00)– see the detail in the closeup photo shown on the left, and the full necklace portrayed in the photo below.

You can also buy beautiful necklaces, genuine leather handbags, wallets and belts that are utterly chic, totally whimsical, and positively inspired.

For more information or to purchase any of their cutting edge, beautifully crafted designs, visit

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